This website has been created with all web users in mind. All images contain alternate text, links to external sites will appear yellow when rolled over with mouse icon, the prominent navigation bar at the top of each page is large and also uses colour differentiation to produce easier navigation.

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Nearly every image on this website has the ability to be enlarged simply by clicking on it. This activates a program called Lightbox. On certain pages such as the photo galleries, it is possible to navigate through all images using Lightbox on the specific page following the example and instructions seen below.

Lightbox Example One

If you move across the right-hand side of the image with your mouse icon, a 'Next' icon will appear, simply click this to move to the succeeding image.

Lightbox Example Two

Alternately, if you move to the left of the image you can return to the previous image by clicking 'Prev'.
Lightbox Example Three

To exit Lighbox, simply click 'Close' or click on the area surrounding the image.