Alibi is set in Paris in 1937 and concerns a night club girl called Helene Ardouin (Margaret Lockwood) who does not have her heart in her job which is parting punters from their cash.In fact the manager reduces her wages in an attempt to improve her performance of generating cash for the night club.Helene gets behind on her rent and a "Professor Winkler" (Raymond Lovell), who is a mystery man act at the club, offers Helene 20,000 francs if she will state she was with him at a certain time and date.This false alibi is made to confound the prefecture of police, Inspecteur Calas (Hugh Sinclair), since Prof. Winkler has shot and killed an American with whom he has become criminally involved.Working under cover for the police is Andre Laurent, (James Mason) who is goaded by Insp.Calas to ensnare Helene into falling in love with him in an attempt to break her false alibi.Helene's best friend is "Dany" (Enid Stamp Taylor) who works at the night club along with "Josette" the very attractive (Judy Gray).

The plot twists when Andre genuinely falls in love with Helene and Professor Winkler is fed information beforehand about his "surprise guest".

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Hugh Sinclair, Margaret Lockwood and James Mason in Alibi - Photo Courtesy of the BFI


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Starring: Margaret Lockwood, Hugh Sinclair, James Mason, Raymond Lovell, Enid Stamp-Taylor


On Tuesday 12th October 2010 the British Film Institute screened Alibi (1942) at the National Film Theatre 1.  The film was introduced by Allan Esler Smith and the film notes below were distributed on the evening. Click on image to enlarge