In a mythical European state, King Stefan is constantly in conflict with his prime minister, the black-shirted fascist Lyadeff. Stefan is also in love with the lady Melitza, who lives in a region of the country populated with gypsies, where she often dresses as one of them and joins them in the forest. Stefan eventually hands over the reins of government to Lyadeff and his blackshirts when the prime minister makes threats against the life of Melitza. Once Melitza is safely out of the country, Stefan implores his people via a radio broadcast to stand up to the blackshirts. When Melitza hears what Stefan has done, she secretly returns and leads her gypsies in the overthrowing of Lyadeff and his blackshirts. With the crowds outside the palace, Stefan declares to Lyadeff that the people have chosen the monarchy over a dictatorship.

Courtesy of the Allan Smith Collection


Starring: Mary Ellis, Otto Kruger, Victor Jury, Barry MacKay, Trefor Jones


Brian on the set of Glamorous Night - Courtesy of the BFI