His and Hers

This scattered, slightly anarchic comedy stars the inimitable Terry Thomas as Reggie Blake, a writer whose books are created by the adventures he experiences, thanks to the brainstorms of his editor. His latest adventure finds him truly lost in the desert and adopted by a tribe of Bedouins before he is finally rescued and brought home. Blake flaunders on all angles; first his editor rejects the book that came of it, and secondly his wife (Janette Scott) rails against his newfound "self" (he has adopted Bedouin dress). The result is that the couple split their living space and their responsibilities down the middle, providing a series of ludicrous situations spoofing the gender assumptions in marriage.

Publicity for His and Hers (1961)

Courtesy of the Allan Smith Collection

  Terry Thomas and Kenneth Connor  

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"The instantly forgettable dog's dinner of a domestic satire His and Hers".

Graham McCann, Bounder! the biography of Terry Thomas

  Bounder! The biography of Terry Thomas  
Starring: Terry Thomas, Janette Scott,Wilfrid Hyde-White, Nicole Maurey, kenneth Williams and featuring an early appearance of Oliver Reed and Francesca Annis