Brian Desmond Hurst by Angus McBean

Angus McBean Photograph, Copyright © Harvard Theatre Collection

Welcome to the official Brian Desmond Hurst legacy website. Please explore the wealth of information on Ireland's most prolific movie director of the 20th Century.

Hailing from East Belfast, Brian was a linen worker, a soldier at Gallipoli, an artist and he went on to learn the craft of movie making from his lifelong friend, John Ford. Brian and John Wayne appeared as extras together in their first 'big break' . Brian then left Hollywood and returned to make Ireland's first sound feature film, then a movie that was banned in his native Northern Ireland and went on to make many 'blockbusters' of their time.

This legacy website includes a detailed biography and a vast collection of photographs showing behind the scenes of the film sets as well as the private life of Brian Desmond Hurst. In addition, there is a full filmography with information on each film and images from selected films.

For the first time a substantial number of extracts are published, with the approval of the Brian Desmond Hurst Estate, from Brian's unpublished autobiography. Look out for the sections marked "In Brian's words..."

This website hopes to enlighten and educate generations both young and old, about a brilliant artist and creator of film.

Please enjoy...