Photo Gallery War Years

As a result of the politcal and social problems that arose in Ireland, Brian decided like many Irishmen to join the British Army to fight in the First World War. The following images show Brian after his time fighting in Gallipoli where most of his friends were killed in the horiffic battle.

Belfast Remembers

Preparing to disembark at Gallipoli
Helles Memorial, Turkey
Brian in Hospital Tent after the Battle of Gallipoli - Copyright © Allan Smith
Brian's medal award card

Royal Irish Rifles badge and Private from battle of Gallipoli-Model by Dave Mitchell, Military Models - Copyright © Allan Smith



In the same article, when commenting about his experiences of fighting at Gallipoli in a Battalion that was from a mixed religious background, as it had recruiting offices in Belfast and Dublin, the article comments "Catholic-Protestant antagonism vanished in this holocaust".