George Winters is a self-made man, a wealthy unscrupulous businessman and M.P. for Middlepool who has married into the impoverished nobility for reasons of status. But when his wife threatens to divorce him in public immediately before a general election, a scandal threatens that could endanger his latest bit of shady dealing. Winters is a man used to winning, and he will do absolutely anything to make sure he keeps his seat in Parliament, his ill-gotten gains and his wife.

Antoinette Cellier, John Lodge and Barry Sinclair in The Tenth Man - Photo Courtesy of the BFI

Publicity for The Tenth Man (1936)

The above is a press cutting for the film, Brian has annotated 'keep this' - Courtesy of the Allan Smith Collection

Starring: John Lodge, Antoinette Cellier, Athole Stewart, Clifford Evans, Iris Hoey