Trottie True

Tottie True is a 1890s British music-hall performer who has her sights set on moving from rags to riches, who loses her heart to the pure-and-true blue balloonist, Sid Skinner, but continues her upward search on improving her social status. She finally settles for Lord Landon Digby who has lots of assets and a very-stiff upper lip. She gets a lot of the latter and very little of the former, and decides Sid might have been a better choice.

Sir Roger Moore and Sir Christopher Lee both briefly appear in the film as stage door Johnies.

Trottie True Poster
  Brian on set with Jean Kent  
  Brian on set with Jean Kent and Victor Wark - Copyright © The Victor Wark Collection  
Starring: Jean Kent, James Donald, Hugh Sinclair, Lana Morris, Andrew Crawford and featuring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee