Two Cities Board Meeting

The following signed photograph is a private dinner, at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, on Friday 5th September 1947. Some 31 producers and directors who had worked with Filippo Del Giudice showed their appreciation by giving him a silver cigar box, which Lawrence Olivier (still with his distinctive Hamlet hairstyle) presented on their behalf with 23 of these associates actually present at the dinner with Del Giudice.  Peter Ustinov was Master of Ceremonies - no doubt making a characteristically witty speech.

Del Giudice had already resigned from the Board of Two Cities to go independent with his new company Pilgrim Pictures but would stay on, unofficially and uncredited, to see Hamlet through. Formed in 1937, Two Cities was originally envisaged as a production company operating in the two cities of and which gave the company its name.

Brian Desmond Hurst is centre right with finger on cheek and this rare photograph (courtesy of the BFI archive) is a who's who of the film industry in the UK in 1947.

Please hold mouse icon over individual faces to reveal name, then click to discover more from their online encyclopedia entry (please note not all attendees have been identified at present, if you can help identify anyone, please contact the website via info@briandesmondhurst.org). Alternately, scroll down for an illustrated version. Our thanks to Dave McCall (formerly of the BFI archive) and Cy Young for their sterling detective work and to Cy Young for providing additional context.

Two Cities Board Meeting Eric Ambler Brian Desmond Hurst Carol Reed Ronald Neame Peter Ustinov Filippo Del Guidice Laurence Olivier Jill Craigie Roy Boulting Phil C Samuel David Lean Roy Ward Baker Herbert Smith Antole de Grunwald Anthony Asquith Maurice Elvey Derrick De Marney Joseph Somlo Believed to be Reginald Black Charles Saunders
Courtesy of the BFI
Illustrated Version
Two Cities Numbered
Courtesy of the BFI
1. Eric Ambler | 2. | 3. Phil C Samuel | 4. | Carol Reed | 5. Ronald Neame | 6. Peter Ustinov | 7. Filippo Del Guidice | 8. Laurence Olivier | 9.Jill Craigie| 10. Roy Boulting | 11. | 12. Maurice Elvey | 13. David Lean | 14. | 15. Roy Ward Baker 16. | 17. Herbert Smith | 18. Derrick de Marney | 19. Joseph Somlo | 20. Brian Desmond Hurst | 21. Believed to be Reginald Black | 22. Charles Saunders | 23. Antole de Grunwald | 24. Anthony Asquith |